Our Team
Dr. K.Subramanayam
Head and Coordinator – Department of Anesthesia

Dr. M S Kumaraswamy
Sr. Consultant, Anesthesia

Dr.H K Venkatesh
Sr.Consultant, Neuroanesthesia
 Dr.Tripti Saksena
Sr.Consultant, Dept of Anesthesiology
Dr. Jyoti Radhakrishnan
Sr. Consultant, Anaesthesia

Dr. Chandrika S Dutt
Consultant Anesthesiology & Critical Care

Dr. Muralidhar T S
Consultant, Anesthesiologist

Dr. M.S.Sudheer Kumar
Consultant,Neuro Anesthesia

Dr. Vivek U
Sr.Consultant, NeuroAnesthesia

Dr. Vinayakumar V S
Consultant, Anesthesiology

Dr. Suresh Pandurangan
Sr Consultant Anesthesia
Dr. Dharmesh R. Agrawal
Sr Consultant Cardiac Ansethesiologist and pain specialist
Dr. Asha H M
Consultant, Anesthesiology
>> >> Dr. Kumaraswamy M S

Dr M S Kumaraswamy

MBBS, MD (Anesthesiology), PGDMLE

Senior Consultant, Anesthesia

  +91 984 598 3904


Dr. Kumaraswamy has a rich experience of over a decade in the field of Anesthesia, currently he is working as Senior consultant at Apollo Hospitals Bangalore.




  • Dr. Kumaraswamy has worked as Consultant freelance anesthesiologist to several hospitals and nursing homes in Bangalore.

Specialty Interest

  • Anesthesia for all surgical specialties
  • Pain Management

Research & Publications

  • “Epidural Analgesia for Pain Relief in Labor” Karnataka State Conference of Anesthetists, Mysore.
  • “Pain Relief by Femoral Nerve Block in Total Knee Replacement an Observational Pilot Study “at 54th Annual Conference Of Indian Society Of Anesthesiologists, Mysore.
  • “A Novel Approach To CSEA –Single Segment Needle By Needle Technique” 23rd South Zone Isa Conference, Madurai.
  • “Applied Physiology of Respiratory System Family Physician’s Association” Bangalore.
  • ”Our Journey Through Post Operative Pain Management In Total Knee Replacement Experience Of More Than 1500 Patients” at 9th Congress Of SAARC Association Of Anesthesiologists, Bangalore.

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