Our Team
Dr. K.Subramanayam
Head and Coordinator – Department of Anesthesia

Dr. M S Kumaraswamy
Sr. Consultant, Anesthesia

Dr.H K Venkatesh
Sr.Consultant, Neuroanesthesia
 Dr.Tripti Saksena
Sr.Consultant, Dept of Anesthesiology
Dr. Jyoti Radhakrishnan
Sr. Consultant, Anaesthesia

Dr. Chandrika S Dutt
Consultant Anesthesiology & Critical Care

Dr. Muralidhar T S
Consultant, Anesthesiologist

Dr. M.S.Sudheer Kumar
Consultant,Neuro Anesthesia

Dr. Vivek U
Sr.Consultant, NeuroAnesthesia

Dr. Vinayakumar V S
Consultant, Anesthesiology

Dr. Suresh Pandurangan
Sr Consultant Anesthesia
Dr. Dharmesh R. Agrawal
Sr Consultant Cardiac Ansethesiologist and pain specialist
Dr. Asha H M
Consultant, Anesthesiology
>> >> Dr. M S Sudheer Kumar

Dr. M.S.Sudheer Kumar

MBBS, DA(Anesthesia)

Consultant, Department of Neuro Anesthesia

  +91 944 816 8335


Dr. Sudheer is a highly skilled & experienced Neuroanesthetist.




  • Dr. Sudhir has worked in many institutes of repute and earned a rich experience in the field of Neuroanesthesia.
  • He has got Special training in:
    • Neuro Anaesthesia
    • Anaesthesia for Paediatric Surgery
    • Anaesthesia for ECT
    • Anesthesia for CT scans. MRI and interventional Radiology including GDC coiling.
    • Intensive care management of Neurosurgical, Neurological and Neurotrauma victims.
    • Regional & Central neuroaxial Blocks
    • Pain clinic
    • Fibre-optic intubations and Bronchoscopy
    • Percutaneous Tracheostomy
  • He has been trained to use and maintain a wide range of advanced equipments concerned with preoperative management of patients.

Specialty Interest

  • Neuroanesthesia
  • Pain Management

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