Monday to Saturday between 9AM and 6PM

Appointments can be made at:

  • Apollo Hospitals Bangalore (Bannerughatta branch)- Monday, Wednesday and Friday
  • Apollo Specialty Hospital Jayanagar: Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday
  • Walk in service is available at both centres on the respective days. But it is advisable to take prior appointment so as to take full advantage of the total time dedicated for a formal consultation.

Hand Splinting: Plaster of Paris or thermoplastic material or ready to use splints are conveniently applied / fitted / made in the OPD setting Deformities, Pain and Spasm in the hand, Post Operative period following hand or peripheral nerve surgery, etc., require suitable Orthosis (Splint) or need adjustment

Day Care

Day care admission or a short stay admission for Hand Surgery is available to patients. Hand conditions like Carpal tunnel Decompression, Trigger Finger release, De Quervain’s decompression, Small Cyst and benign swelling removal, etc., are some conditions that the patient can opt for having as a Day Care. The Specialist will discuss threadbare with the patient as whether the condition that a patient presents with can be treated as Day care Hand Surgery


There are excellent admitting privileges depending on the patients’ convenience and needs at the Apollo Hospitals Bangalore.

Hand Physiotherapy

A state of the art Physiotherapy department facility is available in the main centres of the Apollo Hospitals Bangalore. The Hand Surgeon interacts closely with the therapist for any given patient requiring such care. A triangular link is formed comprising of the Patient, the Therapist and Hand Specialist to ensure that Hand therapy and Hand Rehabilitation are seamless to ensure patients restoration of function and early return to routine activities.

Wrist Injuries

These are complex condition requiring a Hand Surgery specialist’s attention. Scaphoid fractures, Non Union, Avascular Necrosis, Scapho Lunate Dissociation Trans-Scaphoid Perilunate Dislocation- Volar and Dorsal, Midcarpal Instabilities, Axial dislocations, Distal Radio-Ulnar injuries and dislocations, Kienböck’s disease, Arthritic wrists, Infected wrist joints, Paralysed wrists etc.

Brachial Plexus Injuries

 Dangerous motor bike skid and collisions produce serious damage to the brachial plexus (congregation of major nerves in the neck as they branch off to supply muscles, skin and joints of the upper limb). These maim and endanger function to the hand, elbow and shoulder. The injuries can be at the roots, trunks, divisions or cords or even of major branches. Early Consultation with the Hand Surgery and Peripheral Nerve surgery expert is appropriate. A well planned treatment includes primary and secondary surgical intervention.

Birth Palsy

Difficulty during child birth could lead the child with weakness or even paralysis of the baby’s upper limb. The Baby may only be able to move the fingers (Erb’s Palsy) or the whole be unable to move any joint (Total Palsy). Early consultation, repeated assessments to note any recovery, timely investigation and special nerve surgery may become necessary.

Stiff Hands

Reduced movements of wrist and small joints : Seen in improperly treated injuries, delayed care, wrong or long immobilisation or splinting, persistent pain and oedema (Swelling), insufficient blood supply, all lead to stiff joints and restrict hand movements. A combination of treatment is required to gradually get the hand back to normal.

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