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Why is Geriatric Medicine different?

As the human body ages, it behaves in an entirely different manner. Common diseases manifest in varied ways. For example, diabetes may manifest as lethargy, chronic pain, incontinence or even falls! Rather than as a single entity, diseases occur in combination. As a consequence, their diagnosis and management becomes challenging.

It is important to diagnose diseases early, prevent disability and help the elderly live an independent life. What is even more important is to differentiate disease from normal ageing- as not all problems in the elderly are due to diseases- geriatric medicine specialists can help identify the difference between disease and ageing.

Geriatric Medicine

Geriatrics is that branch of medicine which deals with the healthcare of the elderly. It aims to optimise the health, independence and quality of life for seniors. India is undergoing major demographic changes and we are witnessing an increase in the geriatric population. At around 80 million, we are home to the second largest geriatric population. Only China has more number of people above the age of 60- an age that is frequently used to identify the senior population. In the next few years, i.e. by 2016, their numbers will increase from 80 million to a staggering 112.9 million.

Geriatric Health Checks

Health checks tend to consume an entire day. Considering the needs of the elderly and in order to provide a more convenient form of health check, the department provides an Onsite Geriatric Health Check. So, if you are a group of senior citizens or members of an elderly club, get in touch with us to arrange a comprehensive health check at your doorstep.

Medicines Management

Inappropriate drug prescribing is extremely common in the elderly. The ‘inappropriateness’ can be due to miscalculated dosages or the drug itself. A study conducted by our Geriatric team found that 65% of elderly patients had one or more inappropriate drug prescribed to them.

We understand the ageing process. We ensure that only the right drugs and in the right doses are prescribed for the elderly.

If you are a senior citizen or know anybody who has been on a lot of medications, meet our Geriatric Medicine team for the Medicines Management programme and optimize your drugs- it’s time to discard all those unnecessary and unsafe drugs.

Home Care Services

The department provides home care services for those elderly patients recuperating from illnesses or those who need long term care. In liaison with service providers, the department offers nursing care, wound care and management, sample collection facilities amongst others. Meet our Geriatric specialists if you need these services for any of your near and dear ones.

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