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Ambulance Services

Hospital on Wheels

Following Research and Development the core team at Apollo Hospitals has designed an ambulance that suits the Indian conditions and is affordable. These ambulances are fully equipped and are capable of beginning emergency care at the site of incident and through the journey to a hospital. These ambulances are named  "Hospital on Wheels" to distinguish them from traditional transport ambulances.

The ambulances are located at strategic locations in the city providing easy access to people living in different parts of the city.

Air Ambulance Services

Are used in cases where the transport by ground ambulance could endanger the life of a patient or in remote areas where there is no ground accessibility. The services can be provided by mostly fixed wing aircrafts and sometimes helicopters. Aircrafts are much cheaper when compared to helicopters but the patient must be located at a site where an airstrip is available.

These services are offered across the country and details of contact persons can be obtained from Department of Emergency Medicine, Apollo Hospitals Bangalore. While aviation companies will provide the aircraft and take care of aviation logistics, National Network of Emergency Services will take care of the medical aspects like providing trained personnel, equipment and medical care during the flight.