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Dr. Dilip Gopalakrishnan

MBBS, D.Ortho, MS ( Orthopedics)

Senior Consultant Spine surgeon

  +91 984 400 7999


Dr.Dilip Goplakrishnan is an Orthopedic spine surgeon at Apollo Hospitals, Bangalore. He has been involved in the exclusive practice of spine surgery for over 2 decades.

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  • He is instrumental in developing collaboration between orthopedic and Neurosurgeons to develop a comprehensive spine care team.
  • Visiting clinical fellow at the university of Nottingham,Queens Medical centre, UK and at Pitie Sal Petriere Hospital attached to the University of Paris.
  • Has also worked as a Professor before joining Apollo.

Specialty Interest

  • All aspects of Spine Surgery.

Research & Publications

  • Cervico thoracic junction spinal tuberculosis presenting as radiculopathy Neurology India, 2002 March; 50 (1): 93-4.
  • Vascularized rib graft for defects of the dipahysis of the humerus in children.Journal of Bone & Joint Surgery Br. 2000 Jan; 82(1): 28-32.
  • Micro structural organization of carbon induced neotendon International surgery. 1984 Jul-Sep;69(3): 277-80.
  • He is the Member of Associations of Spine surgeons ( India) , Karnataka orthopaedic association, Bangalore Orthopaedic Society.

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