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Lovastatin (Altoprev) Canada

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Lovastatin is a medical product to reduce general level of the cholesterol in the blood. The action of the drug causes a destruction of cholesterol synthesis in liver at an early stage. The body almost does not produce cholesterol due to which its concentration is normalized in the vessels. Under the influence of Lovastatin the content of the general cholesterol in the plasma of the blood, concentration of lipoprotein of the low density and very low density are reduced, and there is also a moderate increase of the concentration of lipoprotein of the high density.

Directions for the use:

- primary hypercholesterolemia with high concentration of the low-density lipoproteins

- treatment and prophylaxis of atherosclerosis

- hyperlipidemia

The expressed therapeutic effect appears in 2 weeks, and the maximal one will be in 4-6 weeks from the moment of the beginning of the treatment. Also a lifestyle and observance of the diet affect the efficiency of the treatment and speed of the reduction of the cholesterol level in the blood.


Lovastatin is released in the tablets for the oral use. They should be taken during eating for better uptake. It is better to take the drug in the evening or before going to bed because cholesterol is mainly produced at night.

- In case of the high level of cholesterol patients are prescribed the preventive treatment in the dose of one tablet of 10-20 mg per day.

- To treat atherosclerosis the daily dose is 20-40 mg.

- If necessary the dose may be increased once per 4 weeks.

- The maximal daily dose is 80 mg divided into 2 uses (in the morning and evening)

- When the cholesterol level is lowered, the dose should be reduced up to 20 mg.

- In case of the insufficient function of kidney 20 mg per day is prescribed.

During the treatment it is necessary to hold to the low-calorie diet. The reduction of the consumption of the fatty food will increase the pharmacological efficiency of the drug and hasten the process of the treatment.


- Lovastatin is not taken in case of the acute diseases of liver (including expressed hepatic failure), during pregnancy, and also by children.

- It is necessary to use a bottle-feeding of a child while taking the tablets during lactation.

- In case of the firm increase of the activity of the hepatic transaminases it is necessary to terminate the therapy and have a medical examination in the doctor.

- In case of the appearance of the allergic reaction during the treatment the further therapy is highly contraindicated. In this case it is necessary to replace this medication by the identical one but with another active component.