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Lovaza (Omega 3 fatty acid) Canada

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Lovaza is a natural remedy used for the regulation of the lipid metabolism at the high level of triglycerides. This remedy provides an anti-inflammatory and antiaggregant pharmacological action. Lovaza includes docosahexaenoic acid and eicosapentaenoic acid which belong to Omega 3 fatty acids. Due to these fatty acids the drug influences on the level of lipids in the blood, and improves coagulability of the blood.

The pharmacological action of the drug reduces the concentration of lipoproteins of the low density. As a result of this the level of triglycerides (fats) is reduced in the blood. Also, this drug reduces synthesis of the fats in the liver.

Lovaza is prescribed for the treatment of the ischemic heart disease after myocardial infarction, correction of endogenous hypertriglyceridemia. Due to the safe and effective action the drug helps to reduce a chance of the second infarction by two times and improve the work of the cardiovascular system to a considerable degree. During the studies of the drug effectiveness with the participation of more than 11 000 volunteers it has been established a considerable reduction of the death rate of patient with the cardiovascular diseases, and also the improvement of the health.


The use of Lovaza should be started after the consultation with a doctor. A qualified specialist can exactly identify the diagnosis, indicate precautions, and also explain you how to take this drug.

The use of the drug without asking the doctor may lead to the incorrect dosage and wrong course of the treatment.

- The initial dose of Lovaza is 2 capsules a day, in the morning and in the evening, for the treatment of the high level of triglycerides.

- If the pharmacological effect is insufficient, the dose can be increased by two times, up to 4 capsules a day.

- To prevent myocardial infarction one capsule a day is prescribed.

- To reduce the irritation of the stomach walls it is better to take the tablets during or after the food.

- The length of the course of the treatment is prescribed individually.

- In the course of the treatment it is necessary to control carefully a general health condition of the patient.


- Lovaza is prohibited for the use by pregnant women, women who breastfeed, and in case of the high sensitivity to the drug.

- In case of the manifested disorders of the functions of liver, kidney, severe traumas, surgeries, young people aged 18 years the adjustment of the dose is required.

- Using medical drugs without prescription you should inform your doctor. There is a wide range of the drugs which are contraindicated while taking Lovaza.