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Niaspan (Niacin) Canada

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Niaspan is a tablet which comes in medium orange color and weighs in different quantities- 50mg, 750mg and 1000mg. The non active constituents present in Niacin are stearic acid, polyethylene glycol, povidone and hypromellose. It also possesses the coloring agents likeAluminium Lake, yellow iron oxides, Synthetic red iron oxides. A prescription drug that lessens triglycerides and cholesterol is Niaspan. For people who cannot reduce their cholesterol with lifestyle changes cam go for Niacin.


Niaspan is recommended for patients suffering from hypertriglyceridaemia. These people will have low high density of lipoprotein levels. For lowering of cholesterol, Niacin can be taken along with another cholesterol prescription like Colesevelam, cholestyramine,Colestipol. Niaspan should be taken as advised by your doctor. Before swallowing, the Niacin tablet should not be chewed or broken. The ideal time to take Niaspan is before going to bed after a low fat supper like eating bread slices, apples or yoghurts. The dosage for Nissan differs from individual to individual. If a person is taking medicines for blood pressure, then he is strictly advised not to take Nissan as it may cause a hazardous fall in the level of blood pressure. Also it strongly recommended not to take Niaspan together with multivitamin complexes. Since both contain nictonic acids, it will result in overdose of nictonicacid and may cause serious consequences like side effects for the body. Niaspan is quite effective for heart patients, who had already had an initial stroke. The doctors recommend Niaspan for persons suffering from cardiovascular disease.


If a person is over 65 years of age and if he is taking Niaspan then he should be closely monitored. And the dosage should be changed accordingly. People with rigorous kidney disease are advised not to take Niacin. Since Niaspan causes an increase in liver enzymes. It is advisable to take blood test before Niacin and also after a few months People suffering from jaundice, flu are informed not to take Niaspan. Also pregnant should not take Niaspan. If you have a dental problem then brings to the knowledge of your dentist about your Niaspan plan He suggests some valuable ides and act accordingly.