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Zetia (Ezetimibe Tablets) Canada

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Zetia’s generic name is Ezetimibe. It is also called with the brand name as Ezetrol. Zetia is a anti hyperlipidemic drug which is utilized to lower the level of cholesterol. Zetia is employed in high blood cholesterol treatment along with low cholesterol, low fat diet. This drug is also used to cure high campesterol and sisterol together with diet therapy. When other cholesterol diminishing treatments are not endured, Zeta is used in stead alone or along with statins like simvastatin or ezetimibe


Zetia should be taken as directed by the physician. The dosage should be strictly followed without skipping any schedule. Zetia can normally be taken daily one time before or after meals. Some people may take bile acid sequesterant, for instance like colesevelam, colestipol, or cholestyramine. These individuals, if they are taking Zetia should now maintain a time interval in between. They should not take the bile acid sequester ant not less than 4 hour prior or 2 hours after taking Zetia. An individual taking Zetia , should stay away from alchol.Alchol can augment the levels of cholesterol. While taking Zetia, always adapt a diet that reduces cholesterol. Even after getting healed, Zetia should be continued for sometime. Care should be taken not to skip any dose. If circumstances make you to skip your dose, quickly return to your dosage schedule. Avoid taking the missed dose. Taking two doses at the same time is not advisable


Like other drugs, Zetia should not be given to person whose is allergic to medicine. The drug should not be given to pregnant Zeta must be avoided by pregnant mothers. Because it may cause some side effects and may affect the womb. Likewise the feeding mothers should avoid Zetia. The breast milk may sometime spread infection from mother to child. Hence it is strongly advised that the conceived women or young mothers should not take any medicine other than the one prescribed by the physician. Elderly people should also stay away from Zetia. Since the body of the old people are fragile and wither, their physique cannot withstand the heavy dosage of Zetia.Also the immune power diminishes as one gets older and older.