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Where to Buy Chantix (Varenicline) Canada?

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Chantix is a drug that helps to refuse from the dependence on tobacco smoking. An efficiency and safety of this drug have been tested in different clinical studies which showed that this is one of the best remedies to quit smoking at the moment.

Unlike the majority of the remedies for the treatment of the nicotine dependence this drug does not contain even the smallest part of nicotine. Its pharmacological action is directed to the suppression of the nicotine receptors in our brain. Binding of the drug with these receptors allows to reduce a thirst for smoking and the withdrawal syndrome, and at the same time it reduces the effect of the satisfaction from smoking. Using Chantix a patient does not experience a desire to take tobacco, and if a person uses some tobacco products, he/she does not feel those emotions and satisfaction as it was before. So, affecting the brain and central nervous system the drug favors fast and the most effective suppression of the nicotine dependence.


Before taking Chantix a patient has to find out a date of the complete giving up smoking. This is the date which is a target tool in the treatment. The tablets must be used 1-2 weeks before the assigned date.

- The tablets are taken orally without breaking it, with a full glass of water.

- The recommended dose is 1 mg two times per day which is divided as follows:

- 1-3d days – 0,5 mg once a day

- 4-7th days – 0,5 mg two times a day

- 8th day – end of the treatment – 1 mg two times a day

- The length of the treatment is commonly 12 weeks until the complete getting rid of the dependence

- There is no necessity in the increase of the terms of the drug use

- If a patient has light side effects, the daily dose may be reduced by two times at the beginning of the treatment.


- Chantix is contraindicated in case of the hypersensitivity to the active component or any filling compounds, and also at pediatric and adolescent age (under 18 years)

- As this drug mainly provides the effect on the central nervous system the side effects are probable at the beginning of the treatment. If you experience such side effects as nausea, headache, insomnia, and worsening of the sleep, it is necessary to see your attending physician.