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For patients, the first thing that you should learn is that this medication belongs to SNRIs, and it’s often taken to treat depression nowadays. Before you start using it, be sure to know everything about its ins and outs.


Venlor acts by affecting neurotransmitters in your brain, and this is what helps it to treat depression. There are many doctors who prescribe it to their patients who want to treat this medical condition with such associated symptoms as anxiety. Sometimes, this medicine is also taken to treat panic attacks, nerve pain and anxiety. Its intake boosts their mood and energy levels while restoring their interest in daily life. You need to take Venlor orally, a few times a day, with food, and according to the directions of your doctor. Keep in mind that the right dosage is always based on your current health condition, individual response and other important factors.

Precautions and Contraindications

This medicine belongs to antidepressants taken to treat mental disorders, but a few patients may experience worsening, including suicidal thoughts and other unwanted symptoms. That’s why you need to discuss possible risks with your physician. It’s also important to inform doctors if you have any allergic reactions and tell them everything about your medical history, especially if you have hypertension, bleeding and heart issues, glaucoma, kidney and liver problems, high cholesterol levels, seizures, thyroid ailments and so on.

Don’t forget that the intake of Venlor can make you feel drowsy, dizzy and lead to blurred vision. It’s not advisable to drive your car or do other activities that require your full alertness because of possible dangers. You also need to avoid drinking alcoholic beverages and tell doctors about other meds and supplements that you take before undergoing any surgery. For older patients, you can be more sensitive to possible adverse effects of this medication, especially dizziness and bleeding. Some patients may develop certain salt imbalance, especially when combining this treatment with diuretics. Besides, kids are also prone to becoming more sensitive to its side effects, especially weight and appetite loss. That’s why their parents need to monitor their weight. For breastfeeding and pregnant women, you should avoid taking Venlor because of potential health risks.

Drug Interactions

They change how meds work and increase the risk of having adverse effects, so that they should be avoided. Basically, some of those medications that may interact with Venlor include NSAIDs, pills that cause bruising or bleeding, blood thinners, MAO inhibitors and others. You need to make a list of all the other pills that you take and bring it to your doctor. Avoid taking products that may cause drowsiness, such as antihistamines, alcohol, muscle relaxants, pain relievers, tablets for anxiety or sleeping, etc. Take into account that Aspirin may boost the risk of bleeding and remember that Venlor may interfere with lab results.

Side Effects

Some of the most common adverse effects experienced by patients include dry mouth, drowsiness, nausea, dizziness, losing appetite, nervousness, constipation, blurred vision, sleeping difficulty, yawning, sweating and others. In very rare cases they may end up with such serious side effects as bleeding, tremors, muscle cramps, bruising, seizures, severe headaches, persistent coughing, bloody stools, vomiting and a few others. Finally, its use may lead to developing allergic reactions and such symptoms as rash, swelling, itching, etc.